10 Halloween Costumes You (Probably) Already Have

10 Halloween Costumes You (Probably) Already Have

We've highlighted 10 halloween costume ideas that are activewear inspired so you can be cute and comfortable this year. Yes, it's possible! 

1. Workout Instructor - Add a headset to any of our bra and legging sets and become your favorite workout instructor. Bonus points if you can bring the same amount of energy.

2. Rocky - Throw on your go-to grey sweatsuit, tape up your hands and throw on a sweatband. Voila, you're Rocky. If you don't know how to tape up your hands (nor do we) here's a quick video

3. Bunny - We opted for a playboy bunny vibe by pairing our Gwen set in blush with some silk bunny ears, gloves and of course a black bowtie for that extra touch. 

4. Track Star - Live out your high school dreams with this costume. Throw on a sweatband, an old medal (that we all have laying around right?) and some running shorts or spandex under the Ayda Win-Breaker. No, this costume does not require actually running!

5. Velma - Our Gwen set in coral makes the perfect base for a Velma costume. We added a short brown bob, some big glasses and a magnifying glass for a little extra drama. You can also add a four-legged friend to be your Scooby Doo sidekick for the night :)

6. Rockstar - Yes, we've all dreamed of being a rockstar and halloween is the one night we can be whoever we want. Pair our black Gwen set with a leather jacket, some bitchin' boots and a studded belt and you're basically Joan Jett. Insider tip: when paired with tequila it will also give you the ability to sing/dance like Joan Jett. 

7. Barbie - Margo Robbie is starring in The Barbie Movie and we physically cannot wait. Anyway, to get this look pair our Gwen set with some tube socks and a thick headband OR if you're feeling extra adventurous, lace up those roller skates and add some kneepads! I would not pair tequila with the roller skates but you do you.

8. Cat - This is a great costume to always keep in your back pocket, and admit it, you already have the cat ears from that other time you were a cat. 

9. Sandy From Grease - There's something about dressing up as Sandy that gives you an instant boost of confidence. I think we all want to be a little bit like Sandy in that very last scene. Cool, confident and bold! Throw on your black leggings, a black tank, your favorite heels and pair with a bold red lip. 

10. Sporty Spice - Mel C is basically the queen of athleisure. She rocked track pants like no one else! She has so many iconic outfit moments that it won't be difficult to find something you already own to recreate these looks. We love our Gwen bra in coral with a pair of blue track pants and some tennis shoes. 

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