Imagine a place where boring is banned, where the phrase “too much” doesn’t exist, and where feeling fucking fantastic is a fundamental right.

It’s a place where the “cool girl” is dead, little miss perfect has the day off, and where toxic positivity has taken a permanent vacation.

And if you’re thinking “Can we go there now?”
We’ve got great news: you’re already here.

What is club ayda?

We don’t just see AYDA as (absolutely gorgeous) activewear. We see it as the world’s first and only fucking fantastic social club—and it’s through this lens that we present each collection.

Each season, we work tirelessly to develop a bespoke roster of club events for our members to enjoy. From a restorative yacht experience on the Mediterranean to extended learning courses at Fuck Boy University, Club Ayda has its finger on the pulse of what (and where) our members are craving next.


About 2 years ago, in the free fall of the world, I decided to get real with myself and launch a collection that truly represented me. A contradiction of super-driven but a bit lazy, sporty but also chill. A closet 90% full of high fashion and high heels, but 90% of the time I’m wearing sweats and sneakers and running after my children and dogs. 

I wanted functional pieces that added value to day-to-day and spread joy. I envisioned clothes that were ready to tackle the chaos of my life and make me feel fucking fantastic while doing it.

And thus, AYDA was born.

There are only a few things we take seriously

Radical Luxury

Carefully designed,
high quality clothing.

Unapologetic authenticity

Perfection is out,
being you is in.

One- of a-kind community

Feeling f*cking fantastic
is a team sport.

joy, joy and more f*cking joy

Getting dressed should
spark hardcore joy.