Ayda Activewear has Arrived💫

Ayda Activewear has Arrived💫

Life is too short for camel toes and visible panty lines!!

For sweats that make you feel sloppy or sports bras that feel like jail. 

Say bye bye to muffin tops and hello to odor-eating, sweat-wicking, equal pay promoting, always-has-your-back performance gear that never lets you down… and always holds the girls up!!

Ayda is luxury activewear dedicated to bringing JOY into the everyday motions of life.

The idea for this brand has bounced around founder Ayda Field Williams’s brain for years. After being stuck at home and in athleisure 24/7 during quarantine made her realize that she could work with a team to improve on what was out there. The voice that said “Yes!! You can!!” finally grew louder than the voice that said “No, you can’t.”

Team Ayda set out to create clothes that could seriously perform but didn’t sacrifice on the playfulness. Bright, bold colors. Inventive details. Undeniable comfort. Clothes that brought joy. Clothes that make you wanna skip. Clothes that feel like rainbow sprinkles!!

There’s so much to love about every piece in the collection. Everything from the power mesh panels that elevate while providing support and stretch, to the adjustable velcro straps that are both comfortable and forgiving for those days when you need a little more. We scoured the universe for Goldilocks of fabrics: soft, sculpting, with great recovery to last and last. We love the little end caps on the drawstrings of our joggers and how lightweight the windbreaker ended up being. We believe you deserve the best, so we set out to make it happen.

⭐ We promise to make luxury sportswear you’ll love having on.

⭐ We promise to never settle for anything less than absolutely amazing because you deserve it.

⭐ We promise to do our pelvic floor exercises as long as you do, too.

⭐ We want everyone to feel welcome.

You’re here.

And you’ve got the invite.

Ready to feel fucking fantastic?!!


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